A especulação promovida pelo capital anónimo está-se a virar massivamente para as plantações de eucaliptos no Brasil. O capitalismo produz desertos, bem sabemos, e alguns são verdes. Um site especializado neste género de investimentos explica os atractivos da coisa:

Greenwood Forestry Investments

Forestry investments have become a popular focus of investment over a number of years due to the favourable return/risk profile…

  • A low to negative correlation to other traditional markets offers ideal portfolio diversification
  • Forestry is an extremely good inflation hedge that has typically risen at 3.3% above the rate of inflation for over 100 years
  • Returns driven by biological growth, not by market sentiment

How it works:

  • Say you invest approximately $6-8* per tree
  • As the trees grow, they increase in size and value
  • At harvest the trees can be cut and sold for between $25-30* per tree
  • You do the maths!


Why does forestry investment perform so well?

  • Trees do not pay attention to market sentiment
  • Trees physically grow, increasing in size and value
  • Timber is a finite resource and global commodity
  • There is a multitude of end user markets that rely on timber
  • Timber does not have to be harvested if the market prices are down

A wide range of available direct forestry investments for smaller investors into large scale projects starting at under €10,000.

*Please note that the abovementioned yield rates are based on past performance. Please be aware that the value of investments can not only rise but fall.

Greenwood Management is a Forestry Management Company with plantations in North and South America. About Greenwood Management.

While every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information on our website, we recommend that clients seek independent advice before involvement.

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Greenwood Management is an established forestry investment company that provides a route to invest in forestry and timber without a large outlay. Although forestry is generally classed as an alternative investment, it is increasingly being regarded as one of the safer asset class investments as it shows resilience through periods of economic uncertainty. The fact that trees increase in volume by between 2 and 8 per cent per year demonstrates tangible growth and a safe haven for investors when stock markets continue to display volatility and interest rates on savings accounts remain low.

The relatively low risk factor of investing in timberland has been attracting many large funds into the industry, as investment managers are aware of several economic drivers that will keep demand for wood and timber products high over the medium term. Not least of which is the huge year-on-year increase in Chinese reliance on timber imports as local production fails to meet the demand caused by the relentless growth of the country’s cities.

Greenwood Management has targeted Brazil for many of its forestry projects as the country not only enjoys scale of access to international markets, but has considerable local demand for wood products. This demand is bolstered by the reliance of Brazil’s huge steel industry on sustainably produced charcoal to fuel its furnaces.